Your Resume

Build a hard-hitting CV to make it easier for recruiters to read!

Recruiters and HR managers receive dozens of CVs each day … How to make your CV stand out from the batch and make them easier to read?

6 Key Tips:

  • Adapt the modulation of his resumeto the announcement to highlight the experiences and skills appropriate to the position being targeted.
  • Structuring your CV clearly by exposing your most significant experiences written synthetically in a language understood by all without too many technical terms.
  • Bring out your areas of activity, your successes and achievements./strong>

We must not hesitate to illustrate with figures, projects carried out and their results.

  • Mention your diplomas, training and certifications.

Beyond the experience, the diplomas are also a guarantee of the quality of your training as well as the continuous training and your certifications. They will allow recruiters to judge the quality of your teaching and the maintenance of your skills throughout your career.

  • Include your references.

Recruiters will ask you later to include them directly on your CV.

  • Ensure that your CV is in a generic formatthat opens with standard programs to ensure that your application is considered.