How to deal with interview salary?

Here are some tips on how to prepare and answer this famous question.

Before the interview, ask about salaries

for what ?

Finding out about salaries in your industry and for a targeted position will give you an idea of ​​your value..

Where to inform?
Inquire in different ways through salary surveys published in magazines or on specialized websites, observe job openings similar to yours specifying the salary, make your relationships work …

Also takes into account your level of experience, your occupied duties, your last perceived salary …

Address the topic if the recruiter has not done so

You introduced yourself, you talked about your background, argued … and the interview comes to an end without the recruiter asking about the desired salary.

In this case, you can start by asking the last question of your interview:
.What will be the salary level for this position?
..What is your company’s wage schedule?
..What are the salary practices of your company?
By bringing the subject in this way, you will demonstrate your pragmatism, prove that you know how to take things in hand and will no doubt have an answer to your question.

Be prepared to negotiate

Negotiation is an agreement between you and the recruiter to strive towards a common interest.

Your assets to negotiate and sell your skills. Make it clear to the recruiter that you are willing to invest, that you have the skills for, but not at any cost.

Attention ! Do not underestimate yourself but do not overestimate yourself either !

Stay open, ask how will be allocated the variable part, without going into details. If you are a good diplomat, you can even attempt negotiation by making proposals, obviously decent.

Prepare for “trap” questions

If the recruiter has decided to tease you a bit, he will probably ask you one of these questions
1- What is your current salary? What was your last salary?
Soyez sincère. Be sincere. Tell the truth because the recruiter can check it by asking you for a pay slip or taking your references.
2- Why do you only pay so low a wage? (Referring to your previous or current salary)
Answer that you prefer above all the content and qualities of the position.
3- What are your salary expectations?
To answer the recruiter, you can compare the position for which to apply for another job, explaining for example that your responsibilities will be more important and that you therefore evaluate your salary to a slightly higher amount. If you are unemployed, you can return the question by asking the recruiter how much it evaluates your skills.

Above all, follow these tips:
.Speak always in gross annual salary and specify if you include a 13th month.
.. Give a salary range rather than a specific salary. This range should nevertheless be relatively tight (prefer between “300,000 dhs and 320,000 Dhs” rather than “between 300,000 Dhs and 400,000 Dhs”). The threshold of your range must match the minimum wage you accept.
.Do not talk directly about benefits in kind, extras or bonuses … this would give you an interested side that could harm you. You will have the opportunity to talk about it during a second interview or when you know you have been chosen. And then you are not supposed to apply for an offer for these criteria alone!